The Gathering / Yr Helfa

12-14 September 2014, Hafod y Llan farm, Snowdonia, Wales.

The Gathering / Yr Helfa, was a site-specific walking-performance revealing the day-to-day and seasonal workings of Hafod y Llan, a “true hill farm” located on the foot-hills of Snowdon.  The performance took participants on a circular journey that traces a six-kilometre route through the landscape and into the farm.  As they walk they experienced installations, performance, film, poetry, music and sound as well as real-life happenings.

Louise was invited to create a performance work for National Theatre Wales which she has evolved over the last three years through observing life at Hafod Y Llan sheep-farm. 

The Gathering / Yr Helfa was written by Gillian Clarke, the National Poet for Wales with choreography by Nigel Stewart and was performed by a company that included: the shepherds, their dogs and two hundred sheep; a company of professional performers, the Deiniolen brass band and the children of Bedgellert Primary School. 

It was produced by National Theatre Wales with Migration and LAW Co and was supported by Hafod y Llan Farm and the National Trust.

Production Photo by Joe Fildes of Meilir Rhys Williams as 'The Boy'.