Walking the Menopause: Kendal Castle - REVISED DATE 11 November 2023

To celebrate World Menopause Day on Saturday 11 November 2023, I will be leading a 'Menopause Mapping Walk' for the South Lakes Menopause and Wellbeing Hub. Please join if you can.

We will be starting out from Abbot Hall in Kendal we will walk to Kendal Castle where, each participant, will explore the site through the lens of peri/menopause by noticing and absorbing its walls, views, dungeons and paths in relation your own experiences. 

Whatever your relationship to the menopause – you might be peri, in the middle of, or postmenopausal, or you might be the friend, partner or colleague of someone else who is – you will be invited to make site-specific connects that are unique to you.

After spending approximately an hour at the castle we will walk to The Bakery at No.4 in Kendal where, paper and pens will be provided for you to draw a 'menopause-map' – using words, symbols, colours, shapes and line – of the castle and your reflections and discoveries.


Meeting location: Abbot Hall (meet in the courtyard at the front)

Ending location: The Bakery at No.4.

Start time: 12 o’clock.

End time: 2.30pm approx. with coffee (not included) and chat at the end.

Tickets are free, however, booking is necessary as numbers are limited.