I work with seven 'scenographic' principles developed through her practice and a close study of Dorothy Wordsworth and her female comtemporaries approach to, and way, of engaging with landscape. Their ‘mode’ can, I suggests, be understood and analysed through the concept of the feminine 'material' sublime and offers a counterpoint to the ‘masculine’ or ‘transcendent sublime’, which was dominant in the Early Romantic period in which she, and some of her female contemporaries who also informed the principles, were writing.

In 2016 I was awarded a Ph.D. in Theatre Studies from Lancaster Institute of the Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University.  The title of my written thesis is: Emplacing, Re-Imaging and Transforming ‘Missing’ Life-Events: A Feminine Sublime Approach to the Creation of Socially Engaged Scenography in Site-Specific Walking-Performance in Rural Landscapes

I have published books, book chapters, e-publications and journal articles. At present I am writing a book entitled Sites of Transformation under contract to Bloomsbury Methuen nad have an article entitled: ‘Dorothy Wordsworth’s Legacy: A feminine ‘material’ sublime approach to the creation of applied and socially engaged scenography in mountainous landscapes.’ In the current issue of Performance Research: On Mountains. Vol. 24, No. 2.

I regularly talk about and present my practice and research at conferences and symposiums as well as in the press, media and on radio broadcasts.