Books and Publications

Publications (recent)

At present I am writing a book entitled Sites of Transformation under contract to Bloomsbury Methuen.

2016: Mulliontide: A Guide for Walkers (2016). Published by Louise Ann Wilson Company Limited.

2015: Warnscale: A Land Mark Walk Reflecting On In/Fertility and Childlessness. Published by Louise Ann Wilson Company Limited. ISBN: 978-0-9932664-0-9.

Book Chapters (recent)

2019: Sites of Transformation: A Scenographic Feminine Sublime Approach to the Creation of Walking-Performance in Rural Landscapes. In (Ed.) BATTISTA, S. Sacred Places: Performances, Politics and Ecologies – A Multidisciplinary Perspective: Mapping Journeys,London, Palgrave Macmillan.

2017: “Creating Warnscale: Applying Dorothy Wordworth’s Mode of the Feminine Sublime to a Walking Performance about In/Fertility and Childlessness” in Landscapes Language and Sublime. Published by, Devon, UK. ISBN: 978-0-9957196-0-6.

2015: “Warnscale: A Landmark Walking-Performance” in Blue Pages, Society of British Theatre Designers (SBTD), p. 8-9. 

Journal Articles (recent)

2019: ‘Dorothy Wordsworth’s Legacy: A feminine ‘material’ sublime approach to the creation of applied and socially engaged scenography in mountainous landscapes.’In (Eds.) PITCHES J. & SHEARING D. Performance Research. Vol. 24, No. 2‘On Mountains’. 

2015: ‘Warnscale’: A Landmark Walking-Performance.In Blue Pages, Society of British Theatre Designers (SBTD). pp. 8-9.

2015: Warnscale’: A Landmark Walk Reflecting on in/Fertility and Childlessness. In (Ed.) BRIAN, K. Journal of Fertility Counselling, British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA). 22(3),pp. 24-28.