Disconsolate: Mothering Sunday Installation

Disconsolate: Mothering Sunday Installation

31 March - 6 April 2019, Lancaster Priory, Lancaster

Mothering Sunday is for many people a challenging and painful day. In acknowledgement of this Rachel-Ann Powers and Louise Ann Wilson have created a space in the St. Nicholas Chapel where the absences, losses and longings experienced around Mothering Sunday can be acknowledged and held. 

Central to the space is a carved wooden chest – the image on the cards is a rubbing from the front of this chest – into which has been placed a semi-opaque print of words inspired by a monument in the chapel. The monument, dedicated by her ‘disconsolate’ parents is ‘Sacred to the Memory of Sybil Elizabeth Wilson.’ The installation has unpacked the word ‘disconsolate’ revealing the deep levels of meaning and feeling held within it. Words that might more fully reflect some of difficult feelings prompted by Mothering Sunday.

The cards are printed with the rubbing from the chest overlaid with the meaning of the word ‘disconsolate’. On the reverse of the card are verses extracted from psalms 22-23 that move us between despair and hope. Offering comfort to those who are ‘unable to be comforted.’

The space is open to all on Mothering Sunday and throughout the following week. 

Created by Louise Ann Wilson with Rachel-Ann Powers.