Jack Scout

Jack Scout

September 2010, Silverdale, Lancashire

Jack Scout (17-26 Sept 2010) was a walking-performance specific to Jack Scout, a heath in Silverdale overlooking the vast sands and tides of Morecambe Bay, Lancashire in which music, dance, voice and art combined to evoke its land, sands, skies and sea. Woven into these impressions was the story of the Matchless, a pleasure boat that was shipwrecked off the coast of Silverdale in 1895 with the loss of 34 lives.

Audiences of 18 at a time were led by two guides through the heath, along the shore-line and over the beach. The work was co-produced by Sap Dance and Louise Ann Wilson Co and was created with co-director and choreographer Nigel Stewart, dancer Natasha Fewings, and musicians and composers Steve Lewis and Matt Robison in dialogue with experts including ornithologists, fishermen, cross-bay guides, butterfly surveyors, conservationists, historians and local school children. The creative team used experimental cartography, writing, drawing, and musical and movement improvisation to record and reflect upon these dialogues; to register and distil their own experience of the place, and thereby evolve material that was transformed, and then montaged, into the live performance and film versions of the work.

For more information on this project please visit the Jack Scout website.


a mesmerising 90 minutes [...] a visually-stunning and emotionally-charged experience that will have left images seared on the minds of those fortunate enough to have been there.

David Upton, Lancaster Guardian, 2009.


I live here in Silverdale my house looks out to sea. I go to Jenny Brown point and Jack Scout every morning. Today I have seen Jack Scout in a totally different light. I thought the performance was wonderful and for me very emotional. I will never forget this afternoon. 

Audience Response, Jack Scout, 2009.

Co-director, scenographer and performer: Louise Ann Wilson.

Co-director, choreographer and dancer: Nigel Stewart.

Musicians: Steve Lewis and Matt Robinson. Dancer: Natasha Fewings

Experts: ornithologists, fishermen, cross-bay guides, plant ecologists, butterfly surveyors, conservationists, historians and local school children.

Producers: Louise Ann Wilson Company and Sap Dance.

Funders: Arts Council England (ACE), Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Arnside & Silverdale, Live at LICA, Lancaster City Council, Lancaster University.
Thanks to: The National Trust Arnside and Silverdale.