Talks and Workshops

Talks and Workshops

2008 - 2018 (to be updated), National and International

20 July 2023: Emplacing Life-Events in Peel Park: Mapping Workshop a part of the two-day event, Wild Wanderings and Creative Cultivations, Peel Park, Salford.

12 June 2023: Dorothy Wordsworth and Site-Specific Performance (Seven Scenographic Principles) talk as part of a day-long artists walk Re-figuring the Sublime, Duddon Valley, Cumbria.

14 June 2023: Sites of Transformation, PQ Best Book Award 2023, PQ Talks, Prague Quadrennial, Prague, Czech Republic.

18 & 19 May 2022: ‘Walks to Remember : Walkshops & Recipe’ walkshop/workshop, #WalkCreate Gathering London and online. 

2018: On the Edge of Discourse: Seeing afresh ‘everyday’ objects, people and experiences – an artist perspective. In Into The Mountains: A Meet, Tramway, Glasgow.

2018: Lives of Others: Socially Engaged and Applied Arts and Performance Practice. In The Lives of Others Symposium. Curated by Tabitha Moses, The Arts Centre, Edge Hill University.

2018: Materialising The Void: A feminine sublime approach to mountain walking-performance. Performing Mountains: How Do Artists Touch the Void? Kendal Mountain Festival, Abbot Hall Centre, Kendal.

2018: Dorothy's Room and Women's Walks to Remember: "With memory I was there."In This Girl Did: Dorothy Wordsworth and Women’s Mountaineering, Kendal Montain Festival, Brewery Arts Centre Theatre, Kendal.

2018: Art & Mobilities Network (invited participant/member). At: The Inaugural Symposium (3 July 2018 Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster), Centre for Mobilities Research (CEMORE) at Lancaster University.

2018: Imaging and Walking Alternative Life-Paths. In There’s More to Life Than Having Children, Fertility Fest, 8-13 May 2018, Bush Theatre, London, UK.

May 2018: Workshop and Presentation: 'Searching for a Landscape: Warnscale for Men.' on the ‘Men Have Infertility Too’ and ‘More to Life’ Panels.  Event: Fertility Festival 2018, The Bush Theatre, London. 

May 2018. Workshop: Walks to Remember at the Creative Arts in Dementia Festival, The Dukes, Lancaster.
March 2018: Presentation: Sites of Transformation (Mountain): A ‘feminine’ sublime approach to the creation of site-specific walking-performance that serves as a transformational catalyst on the ‘Mountain Identity and Gender Panel. Event: Performing Mountains Symposium, Leeds University.

2017: Warnscale: Emplacing, Re-imaging and Transforming ‘Missing’ Life-Events. In Mobile Utopia: Pasts: Presents: Futures, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK.

2017: Keynote Paper Presentation: Sites of Transformation – A Scenographic ‘Feminine Sublime’ Approach to the Creation of Walking-Performance in Rural Landscapes. In Sacred Places: Performances, Politics and Ecologies A Multidisciplinary Perspective, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, UK. 

November 2017: Paper and Exhibition: Warnscale: Emplacing, Re-imaging and Transforming ‘Missing’ Life-Events. Event: Mobile Utopia: Pasts: Presents: Futures, Lancaster University. 

2016: Presentation: 'Scenographic Sublime: The walking-Performance of Louise Ann Wilson'. Event: Walking Women, Somerset House, London. Curated by Amy Sharrocks and Clare Qualmann, in collaboration with Dee Heddon. 

2016: Warnscale: A Land Mark Walk Reflecting On Infertility and Childlessness and The Gathering. In When (Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Doesn’t Work, Fertility Festival 2016,Park Theatre, London, UK and Plan B: Making an Alternative Dream,Fertility Fest 2016, The Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Birmingham, UK.

2016: Warnscale and The Gathering. In Mountainsides Symposium, School of Performance and Cultural Industries, Leeds University, Leeds, UK.

June 2016: Presentation: 'Emplacing, Re-imaging and Transforming Infertltiy: Warnscale and The Gathering'. Event: Fertility Fest 2016 Park Theatre, London. Session: When ART Doesn’t Work. 

28 May 2016: Fertility Fest 2016. The Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Session: Plan B: Making an Alternative Dream. Presentation: 'Emplacing, Re-imaging and Transforming Infertltiy: Warnscale and The Gathering'.

6 April 2016: Mountainsides Symposium, School of Performance and Cultural Industries, Leeds University, Leeds. Presentation: 'Warnscale and The Gathering'.

BBC Radio 4 Ramblings. Series 31, Episode 1: Artists Ways. Broadcast: Louise Ann Wilson and Clare Balding discuss the essential role walking plays in contemporary artist's work. Louise explains to Clare that this 9-kilometer walk and the accompanying guide, are aimed at women who are childless-by-circumstance.

1 December 2015: Presentation: 'Warnscale: A Landmark Walk'. Event: Tuesday Talk, Dove Cottage, Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere, Cumbria. 

2015: 'Creating Warnscale: Applying Dorothy Wordsworth’s Mode of the Feminine Sublime to a Walking Performance about In/Fertility and Childlessness'. In Landscapes Language and Sublime: A Two Day Symposium and Creative Gathering, Schumacher College, Dartington, Devon, UK. 

August 2015: Presentation: 'The Site-Specific Practice of Louise Ann Wilson'. Event: Sited + A two-day symposium with practitioners and producers working in the field of site-specific performance, Glasgow, Scotland. 

29 May 2013: CeMoRe Research Day, Lancaster University. Presentation: 'Sheep, Slate, Copper and Donkey: Path-finding off Snowdon'.

22-23 January 2013: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability (BESS) “Aesthetic & Spiritual Responses to the Environment” workshop, York University. Presentation: 'Inspiration and Delight: Aesthetic Responses to Nature'.

30 April 2012: Articulating Space Lecture Series, University College. Presentation: 'Fissure and other Journeys'.

12 October 2012: Rydal Hall, Cumbria.  Presenation: 'Walk and You Will Find: Mapping and Performing (in) Rural Landscape'.

27 June – 1 July 2012: PSi#18 Performance:: Culture:: Industry at the University of Leeds. Presenation: 'Walk and You Will Find: Mapping and Performing (in) Rural Landscape'.

Oct 2011: Talk Series, York St John University, York, UK. Presentation: 'Practice and Methodologies'.

April 2010: LICA Research Seminar Programme, Lancaster University. Presenation: 'Jack Scout'.

Sept 2010: Landscaping event, British Library. Presenation: 'Creating Fissure'. Joint presentation with Professor Chris Clark, neuro-physician.

June 2009: ‘Living Landscapes’: AHRC International Conference on Performance, Landscape and Environment, Aberystwyth, Wales. Presentation: ‘Still Life: Site-specific Dance and Live Art’.

Feb 2009: Doing Justice to the Land, one day conference: at St Pauls Cathedral (London) funded by MB Reckitt Trust and curated by John Rodwell. Presenation: 'Imagining a House'.

Oct 2008: ‘The Hidden City: Mytho-Geography, Writing, & Site-Specific Performance’, University of Plymouth. Presenation: 'Staging the City: Reality and Artifice in w+w’s production of Mapping The Edge'.